The main focus of our lab is to reveal the yet unknown diversity of the Indian microbiome including gut, scalp, skin microbiomes in healthy and diseased individuals. We are also pioneers in sequencing and functional analysis of novel eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence-based methods for Biology Big Data analysis and to develop new software.
Research highlights:SkinBug: An artificial intelligence approach to predict human skin microbiome-mediated metabolism of biotics and xenobiotics, published in iScience journal, 2021
Research highlights: "Western and non-western gut microbiomes reveal new roles of Prevotella in carbohydrate metabolism and mouth-gut axis, published in Nature Biofilms and Microbiomes journal, 2021
Research highlights: "Genome sequencing of turmeric provides evolutionary insights into its medicinal properties, published in Nature Communications Biology, 2021