The EXPLORE page allows the user to manually browse the constituent enzymes of the BioFuelDB database. The user can search the enzymes by Enzyme Name, Enzyme Commission No., Enzyme Systematic Name or Reaction ID. The user can also browse all the enzymes of any given application category by selecting the appropriate category and clicking submit.

Prediction Page

The prediction page allows the user to predict novel biofuel enzymes in metagenomic or genomic datasets (ORFs). The user can upload a fasta file of metagenomic/genomic ORFs and select either the enzyme category or the specific EC Number to search against.

Metalog Page

The Metalog page allows the user to download the novel biofuel enzymes predicted by Benz software tool in 23 metagenimic datasets. The enzyme sequences from individual EC Numbers for each metagenomic dataset are available for download in fasta format.