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Eukaryotic Genomes

Indian Peacock Genome

Peacock image The Indian peafowl or blue peafowl (Scientific Name: Pavo cristatus), is one of the largest flying bird on the earth. It is native to Indian subcontinent and is recognized as the National Bird of India. We are sequencing the complete genome of Indian Peacock followed by a comprehensive comparative genomic and evolutionary analysis with the other bird genomes to gain insights on its unique phenotype.


Metagenomics of the hot springs of Central India

We have carried out the metagenomic sequencing and analysis of hot springs in Central India including Tattapani and Anhoni hot springs. The analysis revealed the hydrocarbon degrading thermophiles and pathways essential for the survival of thermophilic microbial communities in these extreme environments.

Ocean and mangrove metagenome from The Andaman Islands

We are carrying out a large scale metagenomic project to reveal the unique microbial diversity present in the ocean water and mangroves of Andaman Islands. We have also isolated, cultured and sequenced several novel bacteria from these unique locations.

Prokaryotic Genomes

List of Sequenced Bacterial Genomes

Anoxybacillus mongoliensis Strain MB4
Pseudomonas hussainii Strain MB3
Tepidimonas taiwanensis Strain MB2
Gulbenkiania mobilis Strain MB1