The hype package will be available at below link after the acceptance of manuscript.
Package Platform
hype.tar.bz2 Linux or Unix
We recommend linux operating system and installed R and random forest packages.

Please enter following information:

HyPe development
The algorithm was written in Perl (version 5.10.1). Random Forest (RF) has been implemented via R package ( Software packaging was done using the PAR Packager (PAR-Packer-1.002) and executables were generated for Linux.
How to install
We have pre-compiled the executable for Linux operating systems.
After downloading, and make a directory named as hype in that folder uncompress the package:
tar -xjvf hype.tar.bz2

hype/*Rdata hype/ hype/hype hype/test.fasta

Download the README file from here.

Command line usage for running hype
./hype <infile> <dataset>

infile: Input file containing protein or nucleotide sequences in FASTA format.

dataset: Specify 1 or 2. "1" referes to genomic proteins or metagenomic orfs (amino acid file, Length >= 100AA) and "2" refers to metagenomic orfs Nucleotide sequence file.