Taxonomic Assignment to Novel Genomes
Taxonimic assignment of a newly sequenced bacterial genome is one of the significant and necessary tasks. The current NCBI Taxonomy tree is based on the curated information from a variety of sources, including the published literature, web-based databases, and the taxonomy experts. In this study, a novel approach based on the comparison of taxon-specific genes has been proposed for the correct taxonomic assignment of existing and new bacterial genomes. Using this approach, the taxon-specific genes identified at each taxonomic rank have been successfully used for the taxonomic classification of 2,342 genomes present in the NCBI genomes, 36 newly sequenced genomes and 17 genomes for which the complete taxonomy is not yet known.
This approach has been implemented for the development of tool ‘Microtaxi’ which can be used for the taxonomic assignment of complete bacterial genomes.

Gupta A, Sharma VK (2015): Using the taxon-specific genes for the taxonomic classification of bacterial genomes

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