The MP3 package will be available for users for download using the following link after the acceptance of the manuscript.

Package for Download is mp3v1.0.tar.gz For Platform Linux or Unix

We recommend that your system has a minimum of 16 GB RAM and 2Ghz processor for carrying out analysis on large metagenomic datasets.

Please enter following information:

MP3 development
The algorithm was written in Perl (version 5.10.1). The web-server was developed using the Apache HTTP Server (Version 2.2.8). Client-side scripting was done using XHTML, JavaScript, and AJAX; and server-side scripting was done using PHP and XML. Software packaging was done using the PAR Packager (PAR-Packer-1.002) and executables were generated for Linux.
How to install
We have pre-compiled the executable for Linux/Unix operating systems.
After downloading, uncompress the package by typing:
tar xvfz mp3v1.0.tar.gz

A directory named mp3 will be created containing the sample file and executables as listed below.
mp3v1.0/mp3 mp3/sample.txt

Please copy the svm_package from this link, uncompmress and build the executables. Copy the executable "svm_classify" to the mp3v1.0 directory.

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Please copy the HMMER3.0 package from this link, uncompmress,build and install the executables. Copy the executable "hmmscan" from the hmmer-3.0/src/ directory to the mp3v1.0 directory.

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