In the nature, different infectious agents harbor various immunomodulatory properties, which helps them to initiate and progress the disease. Among such immunomodulatory properties, are the proinflammatory reactions, where pathogens get benefit by inflammatory event caused by their antigen. Here, we have provided a comprehensive web server for analysis and prediction of proinflamatory response of any peptide/protein antigen.


To assist users, we have incorporated following section/tools in this web server:
  • Peptide prediction: In this section, user can submit peptide of 4-30 amino acid length and can predict the proinflammatory property of peptides.
  • Protein Scan: This tool enables user to identify proinflammatory regions in a full length protein/amino acid sequence. Here user can select desired length of peptide for prediction.
  • Epitope Mapping: To assist user mapping experimentally validated proinflammatory epitopes on its query sequence, we have provided this tool. In this tool user can get the query mapped with proinflammatory epitopes and links to related assay in IEDB database.
  • Similarity Search: In contrast to the epitope mapping module where exact matches with experimental data is seen, this tool performs Smith Watermann search of query sequence in database of experimentally validated proinflammatory epitopes.